Our working method is considered as "pragmatic", "common-sense" and "customer-oriented". It is based on the following principles:

Evolution instead of Revolution

As a starting point we like to use the existing documents (if possible). It teaches us exactly what you would like to achieve and which bottlenecks you experience. Restructuring an existing solution may be a an option.

Our solutions are ‘tools’

Our solutions are not the final goal but a means to achieve your organizational goal.

A professional craftsman works with the tools that delivers the best result to complete the task. High demands are places on user-friendliness and reliability. A good tool is intuitive to use and works under all circumstances. The professional doesn’t allow compromises in process or tools to achieve the optimal result. The tool is not a goal but rather the means to achieve an improvement in practice and could differentiate from his competitors. Good tools ensure that the professional can excel in his core tasks.

Our solutions are 100% tailored 

Our solutions are 100% tailored to your wishes and business process

We don't believe in standard solutions which are trying to solve all kind of situations

Development is done in multiple steps

The order of the steps is determined by the largest improvement or best 'quick win'. Every step taken results in an improvement. Any potential improvement is quantified in advance to weigh the expected benefits against the investment.

Transparancy in advance

We will inform you as well as possible in advance about the expected costs and the planned delivery date.

Focused on a long-term successful collaboration

We strive for a pleasant long-term cooperation based on mutual trust. We can perform various roles in the collaboration. Read more >.

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