Opstellen van een rapportage

Informing and motivating


A report is more than an A4 sheet with a number of tables and graphs. Good reporting supports the vision and mission of the organization. It informs the user about the performance delivered so far, the expected future performance and how much this deviates from the objective. The user sees at a glance which factors can still be improved that contribute to achieving the objective.

The following steps are important when setting up a good report:

Step 1: formulate qualitative questions

Reason of existence for a report is to answer a set of questions for a specific target reader group. We help you determine these questions and the target group. Read more >.

Step 2: define indicators

When the questions are formulated, we determine which indicators provide the best answer. A good indicator meets various criteria. Read more >.

Step 3: present indicators

Based on the guidelines from the field of visual communications an optimal presentation of the indicators is determined. Read more >.

Step 4: define audit checks

The quality of the results must be guaranteed. A number of checks are defined to inform the user when assumptions are violated. Read more >.

Step 5: define calculations

When the indicators and controls are known an efficient calculation process is defined. Which datasources are needed and which operations should be executed? It is then determined which data sources are required and which operations must be performed. Read more >.

Step 6: distribute the report

A report can be distributed in various ways. This is strongly determined at which locations the users want to use the reports. Read more >.

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