Successful organizations are always focused on improving. Continuously looking for new options and areas for improvement. How could we make operations more profitable, faster or better? Many questions to be answered. Not only vision and opinion but especially supported by facts and figures.

Beter usage of datasources

The informational value remains unused in many data sources. The preparation of analysis and reports requires too much manpower. Data is "scrolled" and edited manually ("cut and paste"). These actions might cause errors. The user has less time left for his core tasks. The challenge is to exploit the informational value with minimal human actions and guarantee the quality of the results.

Beter usage of MS Excel (Office) platform

Microsoft Excel is world's most popular reporting and data processing application for business use. In practice it appears that most users use less than 5% of the functionalities. The computing power of this platform is widely known. Yet it offers other functionalities that users could take advantage of. Excel can easily exchange data with many other business applications both internally and online. There are excellent graphical functionalities for presenting the information. The scripting language (VBA) makes it possible to automate processes and minimize the number of human actions. All in all, Exceltise uses this to develop a solution that is 100% tailored to your wishes and situation.

Data is our passion

Data stimulates our curiosity. What does it tell you about the potentials benefits in practice? Are these findings consistent with your thoughts? It challenges us to present this findings to users in a structured automated way. Exceltise is always looking for a solid and pragmatic solution that does not require additional manual handling.

Msc Ronald Kneppers - founder Exceltise


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Microsoft Office Specialist Excel

Alle Excel-specialisten van Exceltise zijn gecertificeerd via het Microsoft Office Specialist-programma van Microsoft.